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Top 5 Places to Backpack in India

backpacking in indiaIndia is the seventh largest country in the world with over 1.2 billion people. India is one of the most favorite places for backpackers. India offers a wide variety of attractions to tourists who come here from across the globe. India has got everything to experience wildlife, hill stations, deserts, beaches, backwaters, heritage monuments.  A trip to India can bring in rich memoriesinto your mind while you are back at your home, that’s certain. Tourists can experience the great cultural diversity of India, different ethnic groups, taste the numerous variety of foods it could be a little fiery. There is simply no other word that captures the mystery that is in India. India offers several attractions and activities that are different and treasured. I have listed the top 5 places for backpacking in India.

Bekal beach is a natural wonder in Kerala. Gifted with crystal-clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea. , Bekal beach is known for its spectacular beauty and un-spoilt stylishness.Bekal Beach is located on the shoreline of Kasaragod, Kerala. You could also visit the Bekal Fort spread over 40 acres of land. This is a 300 year old Fort the largest and the best preserved forts in India.

#2 Bellur, Karnataka

If you are looking for a culture tour in India then this is a must see destination. Bellur is located in Hassan, Karnataka. Hassan was the capital of the powerful South Indian dynasty of the Hoysalas. Bellur is home to the inspiring Chennakesava Temple which is a fine specimen of Hoysala architecture. The other main attractions are you could visit the Hoysaleswara temple and Sravanabelagola famous for itsthe massive statue of Gometashvara.

#3 Manali,Himachal Pradesh

Manali is located on the Nothern end of the Kullu valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is a top spot among backpackers. It’s famous for its incredible landscape, rich vegetation and excellent backdrop; it feels like you have stepped into a fairy tale. If you are into adventure sports this is the place to be. You could go for skiing, snow-boarding in the snow capped mountains or river raft the winding rivers. You could also visit the temples and the Buddhist monasteries and last of all this is my favorite you can go and take a dip at the natural hot springs.

#4 Kutch, Gujarat

If you are a nature loverthis is the place to be. It is a bird watchers heaven. Kutch is located in Gujarat. The best time to come would be in December during The RannUtsav. Tourists can attend the local Folk dance held in the desert, camel safari, live in tents, enjoy the musical moments and also taste the excellent local food.  Kutch is also a shopper’s paradise famous for its wide variety of world renowned Kutch handicrafts.

#5 Puducherry

Puducherry also know as Pondicherry. It was a French colony up to 1954. You could still see a lot of French ambience and culture even today. This small Union Territory is very well known among foreign tourists. Puducherry is famous for its excellent food, quite beaches and calm resorts

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. It is also famous for its Ashram founded by Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo is a well know philosopher. The Ashram attracts a lot of people from across the globe and within the country to learn yoga and meditation.

Tishana Ince has been living as an expat in Kerala for the last 10 months.  Currently she is working for Feedbacq as a consultant, and helping expats settle down in India. Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Unique Things to Do in the Seychelles

When planning your holiday in The Seychelles it’s easy to get caught up in the white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and beautiful marine life. However for those of us who want to get off of the beaches and into the heart of the Seychellois action there’s plenty to do here .Here’s our rundown of the most unique things to do in The Seychelles.

Sky Diving

It’s one thing to lie on the beach; it’s another to hurtle towards it from 14,000 feet at speeds of up to 120mph whilst gaining the best possible view of these picturesque islands. Skydiving opportunities are readily available in The Seychelles and tandem dives are in place for first timers who wish to experience this adrenaline filled activity.

Shark Feeding

Shark feeding is both serene and exhilarating at the same time. Watch in awe as your experienced guide feeds sharks while you sit just feet away, far from the thrashing feeding frenzy the movies will have you believe; the sharks will circle calmly around  you as they enjoy an easy lunch… the only heart stopping moments coming when the sharks bump into you as they circle.

unique things to do in seychelles

Quad Biking

Offering fun for all ages quad biking is an ideal way to head off the beaten track and enjoy the stunning scenery of The Seychelles. Offered at points across the island quad bikes can be ridden solo or in tandem with a passenger on the back… ideal if you’re travelling with children. One of our favourite things about quad biking is that it’s a weather proof activity, so if you do happen to catch a shower it will only add to the fun.

Jet Skiing

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of zipping across the waves with the wind in your hair and crystal blue oceans beneath you. Jet skiing offers enormous fun and, although rentals are restricted to certain parts of the Seychelles, they are readily available in the designated zones.

Deep Sea Fishing


With an abundance of marine life and calm sea conditions deep sea fishing is one of the most popular activities on the Seychelles. Rent a boat complete with experienced captain and set sail for a day of relaxation and competition as you and your loved ones compete to see who can reel in the biggest catch. Deep sea fishing expeditions can also be arranged as overnight trips for the more experienced angler

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To experience the many wonderful adventures to be had on a package holiday to the Seychelles then please contact Wanderforth.

Apartheid Museums in Johannesburg, South Africa

Any Johannesburg holiday is inevitably a holiday of important historical learning. South Africa’s history is one of division and inequality, perseverance and eventual unity. The story of this national struggle is everywhere you look in Johannesburg, and it’s a journey all visitors to this fascinating city should embark on.

Step 1: Visit the Apartheid Museum

Johannesburg’s famous Apartheid Museum is a great place to begin your historical education. Through film footage, photographs, documents and artefacts, this museum unashamedly presents even the darkest truths of Apartheid while also celebrating its downfall and looking optimistically into the future.

Step 2: Explore Constitution Hill

With a broad understanding of Apartheid now under your belt, a visit to Constitution Hill is in order. Now home to the Constitutional Court of South Africa, Constitution Hill was once a fort and later a prison, and has played numerous significant roles in the nation’s history. Explore the museum here and learn about not only imprisonment during the Apartheid era but also some important pre-Apartheid historical information.

Step 3: Hector Pieterson Museum

One of Apartheid’s most iconic images is the photograph of a 13-year-old boy, Hector Pieterson, in the arms of 18-year-old Mbuyisa Makhubo, dying after being shot by South African police. The Hector Pieterson Museum is located just two blocks from where the shooting took place. It tells the story of the Soweto Uprising, the series of student-led Apartheid protests in which Pieterson was shot.

Step 4: Take a tour of Liliesleaf Farm

By now you should have a thorough understanding of the beginnings of Apartheid, the inequalities that resulted, and the student uprising that began to weaken it

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. The final piece of the puzzle is the political outfit that eventually dismantled Apartheid, the African National Congress (ANC). A tour to Liliesleaf Farm, about half an hour out of Johannesburg, will take you into one of the ANC’s major bases during the anti-Apartheid movement where important figures like Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu sought shelter.

Step 5: Gain real world perspective in Soweto

To experience first-hand the divide Apartheid created in society as well as some of the efforts currently in place to break down that divide, travel to Johannesburg and take a tour of the South Western Townships, better known as Soweto. Here you’ll see the vast inequalities that still exist today, but also some important steps in the right direction such as new malls, paved roads, street lights and improved housing.

Falmouth Festivals: Destination Cornwall

Falmouth, on the south coast of Cornwall, England, has the third-deepest natural harbour on Earth, and has been the start or finish of many record-breaking voyages around the world. The proximity to the water has been Falmouth’s draw for generations, and its Georgian town houses that face the beach are often turned into guest houses and hotels for guests from all over the world to enjoy the spectacular setting. With five main beaches, it is a water-lover’s dream destination. Of course, it celebrates its nautical heritage with many annual events and festivals, which are a delight to visit and a wonderful way to experience the Cornwall way of life. Some of the Falmouth festivals that are most popular include:

Falmouth Festivals: Truro & Penwith College Fal River Festival

Established in 2006, the Truro & Penwith College Fal River Festival celebrates the history, culture, people and all things tied to the Fal River. A series of about 150 separate events (concerts, racing, drama, contests, etc.) take place up and down the river, in Falmouth, Truro and around the Roseland Peninsula. Regional food is plentiful and delicious, and celebrity chefs share their Cornish recipes. In the evening, attendees can dance to Celtic tunes or swim in the “Castle to Castle” race across the Fal Estuary.

Falmouth Festivals: The Falmouth Spring Festival

zumba falmouth festivalsThis is a week-long series of events celebrating nature at this beautiful time of year. Venues across town participate in this educational, fun and interactive festival that brings everyone out with a smile and good cheer. Some events include: Guerilla Gardening Day, Paint the Town Yellow Day, The Launch of the Maritime Museum Cornwall’s Exhibit “Search and Rescue,” Rock Pooling on Castle Beach, Spring fair (like a farmer’s market/arts and crafts market), Flower Power, 1.5-mile Run Falmouth and many more festivities.

Falmouth Festivals: Falmouth Oyster Festival

If you go to just one festival in your lifetime, well, then make it Oktoberfest in Munich. But a close second best is the Falmouth Oyster Festival in October, which celebrates the start of the oyster dredging season, Cornish seafood and traditional oyster harvesting and dredging. Cooking demonstrations are a hit and, of course, seafood and oysters are in abundance

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. Guests can enjoy a local ale while watching their children paint seashells, watch the town parade, listen to live music, participate in a good old oyster shucking competition, try their sea skills in the Falmouth Working Boat race and check out the local craft fair stalls in the festival marquee. Come hungry, as the sheer volume and variety of food cannot be resisted.

Falmouth Festivals: The Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival

This is the largest free maritime music festival in the world, bringing people from several countries to participate in rowdy and raucous event. The Falmouth Shout Shanty Singers as well as many other Cornish and English groups sing at this event, which benefits the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. This wonderful event is also a perfect way to learn about the history of Cornwall, the days of sailing and the way of life in Cornwall.

Isaac writes for the official website promoting the Cornish seaside town of Falmouth. For help finding accommodation in Falmouth, places to eat, jobs or to simply find things to do in Falmouth Cornwall. visit

Most Beautiful Beaches on Earth

In the context of earth, the majority of the division is the ocean. It’s a miracle of nature. Just imagine the view of the sunset with the watermark makes us feel fresh and inspired. Spending time on the beachside will take you through a sweet journey. The beach is a place where anyone would like to spend any amount of time of the day and there are few among many beaches which are denoted as the best. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches on earth:

Most Beautiful Beaches: Seychelles

Most Beautiful Beaches SeychellesThis is an island county which is compromised of 115 islands. This is an ideal place for chapters. This is one of the leading islands which has the highest number of tourist attractions. Seychelles is not famous only for the appearance but also for the activities that tourists can enjoy. You can find variety of marine life and Praslin is one of the most famous islands in the Seychelles which entertains us with many outdoor activities. It is well known for scuba diving and snorkeling. Mahe is another remarkable island in Seychelles. It has the best water temperature, which is never too cold. It is well known for water sports and deep-sea driving and fishing.

Most Beautiful Beaches: Maldives

Most Beautiful Beaches MaldivesMaldives is next on the list. It can be called a paradise of the world.  It has the highest number of islands, more than 1190 islands to be exact. This is a great place for snorkeling, diving, parasailing, water skiing and windsurfing. One of the most appealing facts about tourism is that the local residences are kept separate from tourists.


Most Beautiful Beaches: Las Islas Cíes

Most Beautiful Beaches Las Islas CiesThis is a very famous tourist spot in Galcia, Spain. It is mainly quiete, but the wildness gives this beach an edge.  This beach is made up with 3 islands: Monte Agudo, O Faro and San Martino. Sailing is the main way of travel and it is one of the most remarkable experiences ever. At each end of Las Islas Cies there are lighthouses which are easily reachable on winding walkways for the more daring explorers. It is one of the best places to relax and enjoy a vacation.

Most Beautiful Beaches Kauna'oaMost Beautiful Beaches: Kauna’oa Bay

This is another unbelievable paradise in Hawaii. This ocean is attractive because of the powdery white sand with calm, clear, shallow water. Water sports are also common on this island where many tourists love to hang out.


Most Beautiful Beaches: Bora Bora

Most Beautiful Beaches Bora BoraThis is also a hub for tourists in Tahiti where attraction matter a lot. Unfortunately there is no public transport and bicycles are the only way of travel. Though the temperature is little bit high, this is also fledged with snorkeling and scuba diving for tourists

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These are few million beaches in the world, but these are the best. Surf around and feel the breeze…

Ruby Branch is a blogger and a creative thinker. She loves to explore her content writing skills in various fields such as business and travel. At the moment she is writing articles about travelling around the world, specially self drive Namibia.

4 Fantastic Bike Trails in Auckland New Zealand

What I want when I go mountain biking is a challenging ride but with enough open and easy parts for me to enjoy the views

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. Maybe it’s my age (which I’m not saying!) but I don’t particularly enjoy the crazy steep downhill runs anymore. One of the places I enjoy biking is Auckland, New Zealand as it has a great range of trails for all skill levels, so I don’t have a problem finding a trail which fits me. Plan your stay in Auckland and enjoy the four bike trails in the city that I like.

woodhill-mountain-bike-parkBike Trails in Auckland: Woodhill Park

This is a very popular mountain biking park with a huge number of trails, 67 in fact. It costs unfortunately but it’s quite cheap, $7 for an adult for example. The trails are well marked from easy to extreme where you really need to be an advanced rider to even think about giving them a go. There are also some trails which are only suitable for jumpers.

Bike Trails in Auckland: Sanders Reserve

This place is much closer to the city than Woodhill Park and offers a number lovely harbor views. It also has a number of trails which are fine for children, so if you’re riding as a family then you may want to give this place a go. There are about 20km worth of trails in total, so you’ll easily be able to spend the whole day there. They also have some nice extra facilities such as showers which I think are a nice touch. Take a look at this map to find directions from Auckland city to the reserve.

Bike Trails in Auckland: Royal Albany

We have the Massey University to thank for these trails which are located in Albany. There are around 10 trails which are planned out in a way to ride in one direction but there are plenty of signs showing where to ride so you shouldn’t get confused and ride in the wrong way.

Bike Trails in Auckland: Arch Hill

If you want somewhere right in the city of Auckland then you should give Arch Hill a try. The council made these tracks in 2010 which are ideal for people to mountain bike that don’t have the time or inclination to travel outside the city. There are two main trails; one suitable for beginners (called ‘Training Wheels’) and the other (called ‘Twist and Shout’) for intermediate riders, so most people should find something to like here. I think even advanced riders will still enjoy the ‘Twist and Shout’ track.

Bike Trails in Auckland: Guided Cycle Trails

There are also a number of companies, like this place for example, which offer a guided experience. It’s where you ride along with a group of people and a guide. The cost will usually be higher than just visiting a mountain bike park yourself but they can be fun, especially if the guide knows the area really well.

The author of this guide, Jack Harris, is a fan of cycling and the outdoors in general. He lives in New Zealand with his lovely family.

Cruising with Royal Caribbean

Ever fancied too cruise around the ocean on one of the most popular cruise ships ever while you’re watching the waves go by, having a massage treatment by a professional beauty therapist and your kids are taking part in fun and educational activities down at the kids club? Well Royal Caribbean is made just for you.

If you decide to sail with Royal Caribbean, you won’t regret a thing. You will find so many amazing choices on-board such as: a variety of places to dine, outstanding entertainment throughout the day and uncountable amounts of activities from the energetic activity to the laid back ones.  On top of that the crew and atmosphere on the ship will make your holiday really exceptional.  Royal Caribbean visits over 260 destinations across the globe some of ships stop in the ports of the Mediterranean, North Europe, Caribbean, Middle East , Alaska, Australia, Asia, Bahamas and plenty more.

The cruise line also has over 6 different classes, ranging from the Sovereign Class to the Oasis Class. The Sovereign Class ships: Monarch of the seas and Majesty of the seas, have it covered especially for you if you prefer to travel around the sea, the informal style.  Sovereign Class ships are Royal Caribbean’s smallest ships and are perfect for people wanting an intimate experience, the ships specialise focus on short journeys to exotic places including Bermuda, Bahamas’s and Caribbean cruises.  Up from the Sovereign Class is the Vision Class: Enchantment of the Seas, Grandeur of the Seas, Legend of the Seas, Rhapsody of the Seas, Splendour of the Seas and Vision of the Seas, the ships offer friendly atmospheres and impressive sea views. The vision class travels around different places such as Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia and Russia, Mediterranean, Greek Isles, Turkey, Eastern Caribbean and many more. Another class Royal Caribbean offers is the Radiance Class this class holds 4 ships called Brilliance of the Seas, Jewel of the Seas, Radiance of the Seas and Serenade of the seas. The beautiful ships are sure to win you over with their wide spaces. Radiance Class ships are the only ships that have a kids adventure beach area and self-levelling pool tables so if you’re looking on cruising with your children then maybe they will love to explore the adventure beach made just for kids. The voyager class is the 3rd class from the top, Adventure of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas, Navigator of the Seas and Voyager of the Seas are all part of the Voyager Class.

royal-caribbean-golfWith many more added extras, the ships have further experience to keep passengers entertained travelling across: France, Spain, Norway, Iceland, Baltic, Mediterranean Cities, Southern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, Bermuda and New Zealand.  You can also enjoy additional features including an ice rink, in-line skating, golf and a nightclub. After the Voyager Class is the Freedom Class this class has much bigger ships and has wide-ranging selection of on-board activities for passengers to choose from including a FlowRider, boxing ring and Water Park.  Freedom class ships are Freedom of the Seas, Independence of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas. Independence of the Seas is Royal Caribbean’s only ship which cruises from the UK.  Paris, Bruges, Norway, Italian Mediterranean, Spanish Mediterranean, Spain, Canaries, Short Western Med, Caribbean, Eastbound Transatlantic are the specific places that the Freedom Class ships visit. Last of all is the Oasis Class, this is the class that offers the most to passengers, ships are over 40% bigger than ships in the Freedom Class and the class that is beyond your wildest dreams. The two ships in the Oasis Class are Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas, these ships travel to specific places in the world including: Western Caribbean and Eastern Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean cruise ships are some of the most remarkable on the seas as they are up to date, high-class, stylish and open to all age ranges. The ships offer a variety of dining options, leisure activities, bars and spa’s. In one place, it’s all you could ever want.

Maybe you want to take a day trip to the spa, your older relatives want to go and relax and watch a magnificent comedy show, the kids want to run riot at the H20 zone, aunties and uncles want to spend some money by shopping on-board and the youngest family members want to take part in different age group activities ranging from Royal Babies (6-18 months) to Teens (15-17 years)

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.  Then Royal Caribbean is exactly what you’re looking for!

A Guide to Estonias National Parks

Nature and Estonia go hand in hand; some of the country’s very best offerings come in the form of beautiful landscapes. Boasting 5 national parks in total, the Estonians are very proud of their picturesque country and therefore the national parks were set up to ensure the continued protection of each particular area. Whether you are a hiker, biker or walker, or just a fan of the great outdoors, here’s a guide to Estonias National Parks. Spend a few days camping amid beautiful surroundings or perhaps explore on one or two day trips…

Karula National Park

karula national parkRolling hills adorned in dense pine forests define Karula National Park which spans an area of 123 km² in southern Estonia. Thousands of tree trunks are interspersed with hazy swamps and squishy bogs, plus many calm and peaceful lakes. The largest, Lake Ahijarv, is found virtually in the centre of the national park so after a long walk, why not take the plunge and go for a swim! If that doesn’t take your fancy, set yourself up for a relaxing afternoon of fishing instead. Explore on foot and keep your eyes peeled for moose, wild boar and even lynx prowling among the pines, whilst red squirrels leap from branch to branch!

Lahemaa National Park

Lahemaa National Park  Lahemma, which means the Land of Bays, is located on Estonia’s northern shores and encapsulates a captivating variety of landscapes. Explore the rugged coastline, cliffs blanketed in forests and juxtaposed picturesque bogs. As the largest national park in the country, you will uncover even more as you venture inland away from the coast; discover waterfalls, lakes and rivers. Stunning in summer, a visit during the off season will expose a different personality when the park is blanketed in stark white snow.  Located a mere one hour drive from Tallinn, Lahemaa National Park makes an ideal day trip with car rental in Estonia.

Matsalu National Park

Found in the west of the country, Matsalu is the best known of Estonias national parks. As a wetland area branching out from Matsula Bay, it is fantastic for bird watching with a large variety of species frequently spotted as well as several endangered species too. Figures suggest that close to 300 types of birds have been spied among the floodplains. Encompassing forests, meadows and reed beds, a visit here is an adventure with plenty to explore. Don your wellington boots and explore on foot or by bicycle before seeking out some of the many observation towers for a better look.

Soomaa National Park

Soomaa National Park  Comprised of several rivers and extensive wetlands, one of the very best ways to explore Soomaa is on the water, or more precisely by canoe or boat, particularly during the elusive “fifth season”

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.  This occurs following heavy rains and the thawing of snow and sees the park overrun by flood water, thus somewhat cutting it off from the life outside the park. Untouched beauty prevails and there is a distinct lack of human presence meaning the local wildlife population freely flourishes. Escape to Soomaa National Park for a real connection with Mother Nature.

Vilsandi National Park

Vilsandi National Park  Vilsandi National Park exists to protect a network of more than 150 islands just off the west coast of Estonia. With thousands of sea birds and seals resting here, it’s a prime sight for keen wildlife watchers and unarguably, another fascinating environment to experience. Sand dunes and lighthouses punctuate the landscapes and long walks are the best way to explore, allowing you to uncover interesting geological examples such as the fossils close to the visitor centre.

So there you have it; a guide to Estonias stunning national parks. Why not enjoy a camping holiday and get close to nature with a trip to any one of them; you won’t be disappointed.

Kerri Ware is a travel blogger and writes for, a car hire broker offering great deals for car hire across Estonia.  Follow us on Twitter @economycarhire.


Five Affordable Travel Destinations in Greece

Those trying to plan a memorable stag party while keeping it affordable might consider skipping some of the exclusive European destinations and heading to Greece. The country offers lots of fun in the sun but the hot spots can often be less expensive than their counterparts in more traditional stag-friendly cities. In fact, Greece has so many options it may be hard to limit the party to just a couple.

It might only seem fitting to throw a stag party in Greece since the tradition can trace its origins back to the country from the days of the Spartan army. Of course, back then it consisted of warriors toasting one of their own before he got married, not a weekend-long event of debauchery

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. Still, that doesn’t mean the country hasn’t caught up to modern-day stags.

1. Athens may not be at the top of most lists for stag-friendly cities, but it should be. The city features a staggering number of bars, from traditional to trendy, which can help set up the biggest bar crawl anyone in the group has ever been through. Some bars even stay open as late as 5 a.m. The center of the city’s nightlife is near Psirri and Gazi, where all genres of music can be found in various nightclubs. There’s also plenty to do during the day, including beautiful beaches and water sports.

2. Malia is also chock full of nighttime activities, including clubs with multiple bars and dance floors, the GoGo Lap Dancing Club and Coyote Venue that features dancing girls. Safari Club Malia is said to serve the strongest drinks in town and caters to “party animals.”

3. Crete is synonymous with having a good time, especially for a stag party. In addition to a vibrant nightlife and beautiful sandy beaches, the island also has enough challenging daytime activities to stay busy until it’s time to party. Water sports, go-karting and mountain biking are just some of the challenges awaiting stag mates. In addition, the bars stay open late and food is inexpensive.

4. In Hellas, the entire group can rent a pedal-powered beer pub and tour the city while drinking from a keg. Tours of the city can last 50 minutes to an hour and 45 minutes and the bike seats 15-17.

5. Those with a finer palate might want to tour on the island of Santorini. Greek wine is steadily growing in popularity and the island wineries are popular tourist attractions, especially when combined with the beautiful surrounding scenery.

Not normally listed at the top of the list of stag party locations, Greece has as much to offer a group of stag mates as many of the top European destinations. The weather is warm, the bars stay open late and there are a ton of activities to fill the daytime hours.

Trauttmansdorff Gardens: The Path of a Princess

The Empress Elisabeth of Bavariais known in history as Sissi. Her beauty is famous and her keen desire to walk in a picturesque environment was fulfilled when a stunning garden was constructed in Alto Adige, the perfect habitat for plants selected from all the corners of the world. During her life, she found this place, located at Trauttmansdorff Castle, worthy to be her relaxing abode. If her life was summed up by historians as unhappy, then her long walks in this garden made some moments pleasurable. Today, the Trauttmansdorff Gardens is still admired by many who love the arts, nature, and history.

A Glimpse of the Princess’ Garden

There are more than eighty different landscapes strategically distributed in the 12 hectares of Trauttmansdorff Gardens. Within this territory are four thematic areas namely the Sun Gardens, the Landscapes of South Tyrol, the Forests of the World, and the Water and Terraced Gardens.

Tulip Blooms in Spring Time

Those who have admired the beauty of tulip blooms will fall in love with the garden during springtime. You will see thousands of tulips parading their beauty under the sun.

April Blooms

April signals the arrival of the rhododendrons and the camellias, while the Japanese cherry blossoms compete with the rest of the beautiful flowers of the garden to give you a colorful array of beauty.

May Roses Spectacle

If you missed the highlights of the April month, then embrace the blooming roses and peonies during the month of May. Be observant on the manner how they unfold these buds producing a natural red-speckled garden in Italy.

Summer Glory

Enjoy the lavender scent emitted by the plants located below the castle while the rest of the Mediterranean shrubs give you inspiration. The barley fields has been transformed into a sea of shining flowers that will most definitely give you a relaxing experience enough to sweep away any of your worries. This is probably one of the months of the year when Sissi would enjoy visiting this garden. She had too many depressing moments in her life that the flowers in the garden must have been her only consolation.

The Water Lily Blooms

The unique blooms of water lilies in the month of July give you a great Asian experience.

It may take time before you visit Asia but with the landscape excellence invested in this garden, the beauty of the lily blooms will definitely give it the charm you and your family will enjoy

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The Sun Gardens

The arrival of harvest time brings a festive mood in the garden. The Sun Gardens is now prepared to boast of its beauty with its apples, grapes, and chestnuts ready to give its harvest for those who will find time to enter its enchanting premises. If this is not enough, it is worthy to visit the Forest of the World for a wonderful sight of the red brilliant maple trees and Indian inspired natural landscape for a spectacular deciduous American forest experience.

You will find many interesting castles in Italy. Choose to find an affordable car hire Rome Company to easily arrive at these destinations. Bring the entire family with you and have an enjoyable season with the kids or your special someone.

Shaiya Ong is freelance writer for and Italian Airport Guide. Learn more interesting places to visit Italy today and fulfill your dreams of exploring the best that Italy has to offer.