Five Affordable Travel Destinations in Greece


Those trying to plan a memorable stag party while keeping it affordable might consider skipping some of the exclusive European destinations and heading to Greece. The country offers lots of fun in the sun but the hot spots can often be less expensive than their counterparts in more traditional stag-friendly cities. In fact, Greece has so many options it may be hard to limit the party to just a couple.

It might only seem fitting to throw a stag party in Greece since the tradition can trace its origins back to the country from the days of the Spartan army. Of course, back then it consisted of warriors toasting one of their own before he got married, not a weekend-long event of debauchery

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. Still, that doesn’t mean the country hasn’t caught up to modern-day stags.

1. Athens may not be at the top of most lists for stag-friendly cities, but it should be. The city features a staggering number of bars, from traditional to trendy, which can help set up the biggest bar crawl anyone in the group has ever been through. Some bars even stay open as late as 5 a.m. The center of the city’s nightlife is near Psirri and Gazi, where all genres of music can be found in various nightclubs. There’s also plenty to do during the day, including beautiful beaches and water sports.

2. Malia is also chock full of nighttime activities, including clubs with multiple bars and dance floors, the GoGo Lap Dancing Club and Coyote Venue that features dancing girls. Safari Club Malia is said to serve the strongest drinks in town and caters to “party animals.”

3. Crete is synonymous with having a good time, especially for a stag party. In addition to a vibrant nightlife and beautiful sandy beaches, the island also has enough challenging daytime activities to stay busy until it’s time to party. Water sports, go-karting and mountain biking are just some of the challenges awaiting stag mates. In addition, the bars stay open late and food is inexpensive.

4. In Hellas, the entire group can rent a pedal-powered beer pub and tour the city while drinking from a keg. Tours of the city can last 50 minutes to an hour and 45 minutes and the bike seats 15-17.

5. Those with a finer palate might want to tour on the island of Santorini. Greek wine is steadily growing in popularity and the island wineries are popular tourist attractions, especially when combined with the beautiful surrounding scenery.

Not normally listed at the top of the list of stag party locations, Greece has as much to offer a group of stag mates as many of the top European destinations. The weather is warm, the bars stay open late and there are a ton of activities to fill the daytime hours.

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