4 Fantastic Bike Trails in Auckland New Zealand

What I want when I go mountain biking is a challenging ride but with enough open and easy parts for me to enjoy the views

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. Maybe it’s my age (which I’m not saying!) but I don’t particularly enjoy the crazy steep downhill runs anymore. One of the places I enjoy biking is Auckland, New Zealand as it has a great range of trails for all skill levels, so I don’t have a problem finding a trail which fits me. Plan your stay in Auckland and enjoy the four bike trails in the city that I like.

woodhill-mountain-bike-parkBike Trails in Auckland: Woodhill Park

This is a very popular mountain biking park with a huge number of trails, 67 in fact. It costs unfortunately but it’s quite cheap, $7 for an adult for example. The trails are well marked from easy to extreme where you really need to be an advanced rider to even think about giving them a go. There are also some trails which are only suitable for jumpers.

Bike Trails in Auckland: Sanders Reserve

This place is much closer to the city than Woodhill Park and offers a number lovely harbor views. It also has a number of trails which are fine for children, so if you’re riding as a family then you may want to give this place a go. There are about 20km worth of trails in total, so you’ll easily be able to spend the whole day there. They also have some nice extra facilities such as showers which I think are a nice touch. Take a look at this map to find directions from Auckland city to the reserve.

Bike Trails in Auckland: Royal Albany

We have the Massey University to thank for these trails which are located in Albany. There are around 10 trails which are planned out in a way to ride in one direction but there are plenty of signs showing where to ride so you shouldn’t get confused and ride in the wrong way.

Bike Trails in Auckland: Arch Hill

If you want somewhere right in the city of Auckland then you should give Arch Hill a try. The council made these tracks in 2010 which are ideal for people to mountain bike that don’t have the time or inclination to travel outside the city. There are two main trails; one suitable for beginners (called ‘Training Wheels’) and the other (called ‘Twist and Shout’) for intermediate riders, so most people should find something to like here. I think even advanced riders will still enjoy the ‘Twist and Shout’ track.

Bike Trails in Auckland: Guided Cycle Trails

There are also a number of companies, like this place for example, which offer a guided experience. It’s where you ride along with a group of people and a guide. The cost will usually be higher than just visiting a mountain bike park yourself but they can be fun, especially if the guide knows the area really well.

The author of this guide, Jack Harris, is a fan of cycling and the outdoors in general. He lives in New Zealand with his lovely family.

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