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6 unique stops along California’s PCH 1

California’s coastal highway stretches 655 miles along stunning pacific landscapes and pristine beaches. The drive is one of America’s great road trips and should be part of any good bucket list. There are literally hundreds of places to pull off while on the PCH from hidden bays to California beach house rentals to giant redwoods. We’ve put together a list of the best-hidden gems along the PCH for those looking for the off the beaten path options.

1. Fort Bragg glass beach

One of the oddly awesome stops on HWY 1 is the glass beach in Fort Bragg in northern California. From 1906 to 1967 this beach was a makeshift landfill and over time glass off all colors collected here. Today all that is left is millions of pieces of beach glass. This unique stop is definitely worth pulling over for, while in town don’t miss the North Coast Brewing Company and their famous Red Seal Ale.

2. Elk

The town of Elk in northern California is much like many of the little towns on this part of the drive – so small if you blink you might miss them. However, don’t blink while passing through Elk because you might miss one of the most picturesque bays along the drive. In the bay below this little town is full of stone arches in shallow turquoise waters. The adventurous can take the hike from the tall cliff the town sits on down to the beach, which you’ll likely have all to yourself.

3. Elephant seals of Piedras Blancas

With a face only a mother could love, this ugly yet adorable breed of elephant seals can be found not too far away from Piedras Blancas. Once you stop to see this seal colony you’ll know why they’re called elephant seals

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. Their long floppy noses look more like an elephant than any other seal you’ve seen.

4. Malibu Seafood

Further down the coast in world famous Malibu is a local’s favorite spot for fresh seafood right on the water. Malibu Seafood is one of those rare old school gems on the PCH where you can get a great local meal looking over one of the many beaches of Malibu. It was our favorite restaurant on our recent 2 days in LA trip. 

5. Sunset at Gaviota Beach

If you find yourself anywhere near Gaviota Beach toward the end of the day make your way down to the pier for sunset. This south facing beach makes for great sunsets behind the impressive wooden pier. You’ll likely have the beach and to yourself on the quiet little-hidden sunset spot.

6. Giant Redwoods

The northern stretch of this classic American road is literally lined with giant redwood trees. Take a short detour and drive through one of the many parks that protect these amazing trees. A local favorite is the Muir Woods National Monument and Redwood Park not too far outside of San Francisco. In addition to parks, there are a few private areas where there are a few trees so large, holes have been carved into the bases and you can drive your car through. True Redwood fanatics can make a further detour to visit the tree called General Sherman which is the largest tree in the world.

Top Beaches in Florida for You to Explore

Top Beaches in Florida for You to Explore

Top Beaches in Florida

When it comes to fun in the sun, most people think of Florida. It is an area that is surrounded by beaches and other exciting things for family’s to do, together. However, before you head off for the Sunshine State, you may be curious as to which beaches offer the most fun and which ones are considered the top beaches in Florida. Here is a list of some of the top beaches in Florida, according to other people who came looking for the total beach experience.

The Shell Collectors Dream Come True 

Sanibel Island Beach is a barrier island that is located off the coast between North Naples and Cape Coral. The beach itself runs from east to west, which sets it apart from other beaches in Florida. It also is considered one of the Shell Islands. Beach goers can walk along the beach at any time and find perfectly shaped shells that come in all shapes and sizes. If you want privacy, you can visit the Bowman’s Beach area where you can also see a lighthouse and walk along the boardwalk. If that is not enough to make you ready to go, keep in mind that there are also food stands, umbrella rentals, snorkeling gear, and even kayaks available for you to use for a small fee.

More to Explore

Clearwater Beach is located near Tampa. To find it, you will need to leave the mainland and head across the Old Tampa Bay, to get to the other side. It is here that you will find a 3 mile stretch of one of the most pristinely white beaches in Florida. The best part about this area is the fact that two bodies of water surround you to give you a lot of exciting options for fun

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. When you are tired of enjoying the sun and surf on the beach, you can travel the short distance to Tampa for more entertainment options. It is here that you will also find dolphin cruises, parasailing, and fishing trips in the Bay.

Quiet Beauty

Fort Lauderdale Beach Flickr photo by Kwong Yee Cheng

Fort Lauderdale Beach is one of Florida’s rare gems. People looking for a beach, will typically drive right past this area. This means that you could stop here and take advantage of all the beauty and fun of a Miami Beach without having the clusters of people to deal with. From here you will find the same luxurious hotels and beaches. You will find plenty of things to do, both on the beach and off. There are palm trees to see, waves lapping at white sandy beaches, and sunsets that are very much worth seeing.

Affordable Fun 

If you are not able to spend a fortune on a dream vacation to the top beaches in Florida, then you may be interested in visiting Destin Beach. It is located in the Panhandle of Florida. It offers the relaxation of white sandy beaches, blue water, waves, and fun of a beach community, but without the cost of other, more popular tourist destinations. It is another area where you can visit to enjoy quiet as well.

TripAdvisor’s Favorite

Siesta Beach, which is located near Sarasota, Florida is TripAdvisor’s favorite beach based on visitors’ reactions to it. People love the crowds, the surfing, the volleyball, and kayaking. They love the activities you can take part of both on and off the beach. Kids love the white sand that falls through your fingers easily, but can still build sand castles. What more could you ask for from one of the top beaches in Florida?

Disney Parks Around the World

Disney Parks Around the World


In 2013, Walt Disney Parks had an estimated 132.5 million guests, making Disney Parks the world’s most visited theme park company in the world. Disney’s popularity has spread from coast to coast around the United States and even to other countries. If you are considering a trip to Disney, you may want to avoid making the same trip that you made in the past. Instead of making the trip to Disney in Orlando, Florida perhaps you could try out one of the many other Disney parks around the world.

Disney in the USA

Dineys Parks around the world
Disneyland image from Flickr Tom Bricker

The most popular Disney Park in the United States is the Orlando based theme park, Walt Disney World. The Walt Disney World  in Orlando offers four unique theme park experiences, two waterparks, as well as other attractions for you to enjoy. It is truly a world within a world at its amazing size, which equals that size of Manhattan. When you visit the California Disneyland, you will find the park that started it all. In fact, a lot of the original rides that started it are still in working order.

Disney in Europe

Europe has only one Disney theme park, which is located in Paris. It is here that you will find two Disney Style theme parks, including Disney Studios and Disneyland Paris. As far as what you will gain or lose by visiting this park, it is one of only two parks that have the Indiana Jones ride

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. The other is in California. If shows are what you are most interested in, Disney Studios is the place you want to be.

Disney in Hong Kong

Disneyland Honk Kong is considered the smallest Disney Park in the world. Where most have several different areas of attractions, this park has only four. It does lack a lot of the more popular rides, including Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. The good news is, there are plans to improve this Disney over the next several years so that it can become more equal to other parks.

Disney in Japan

Disney Parks around the world
DisneySea image by Flicker Tom Bricker

Disneyland Tokyo and DisneySea are located in Japan. It features a lot of the same rides and attractions as other Disney Parks around the world. The DisneySea however, is loosely based on the ocean. Through Disneyland Tokyo you will be able to discover different lands, including the New Orleans Square.

Disney in Shanghai China

China, one of the world’s most exciting countries, also has a Disney theme park. It will be open during 2015. It is home to the tallest Disney castle named the Enchanted Storybook Castle. It is an interactive castle where you can dine and entertained. You will also find Treasure Cove, which is the first of its kind when it comes to themes for Disney Parks. It’s around the pirates theme and guests will be able to go on adventures with Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones. There are other things for you to see that are specific to China’s Shanghai Disneyland, including an 11 acre garden with the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac done as Disney Characters, and much more.

Disney Park Cruises

If you want a truly unique Disney Park experience, you may want to try a Disney Cruise. This is a Disney theme park that you experience while on the water. There are several ships that you can choose from. They include the Disney Fantasy, Disney Wonder, Disney Magic, and Disney Dream. The home ports for these ships are located in several areas around the world, but Disney Wonder is a boat that is exclusively home ported in Vancouver. Disney also owns Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. Each cruise ship and each home port area will offer a variety of adventures and destinations for you to choose from.

No matter which Disney Adventure you choose to take part in and which country you choose to visit for it, you will find a truly magical world. It is the world that only Disney can bring to life. Are you ready to enjoy one of the Disney Parks around the world?

The Wonders of Morocco

The gateway to Africa for European explorers for centuries, Morocco has a rich history that conjures up images of sultans, slave-traders, artists and writers. Settled by the North African Berber people for at least 5000 years, from 1912 it was divided into a protectorate governed by the French and Spanish empire in the north and south of the country respectively, finally gaining independence in 1956.

Islamic motifs and architecture sit side by side with French and Spanish palaces and the older Berber influences in what is considered Africa’s richest cultural melting pot: While the official language is Arabic, French continues to be taught in schools and used in commerce, and Berber is spoken in rural and mountainous regions. Similarly, although Islam is the state religion of Morocco, Christianity has been present in the country since Roman times and continues to be worshipped there, and while Morocco is more open to western culture than other Arabic countries, travelers should respect Muslim customs, dress codes, and holy areas.

While the south of the country is characterized by a hot, dry desert climate resulting from its proximity to the western Sahara region, Morocco offers the chance to visit ancient temples, explore mountain trails, or relax on white stretches of beach. Towns such as Casablanca, Fez and Tangiers are awash with color, history, and life: It’s impossible not to be moved by the richness of Morocco.

Markets in Morocco

The medieval markets of Morocco are called ‘souks’ and are found in the mazes of its narrow medinas, the walled sections of old North African towns, with narrow, maze-like streets traversable only on foot or by mule. Some of the biggest and best known are in Fez, one of Africa’s oldest cities, whose medieval medina has changed little for centuries; and in Jemaa el Fna, Marrakech’s main square. Shopping in a souk involves haggling, which can be something of an art, as can deciding what would make the best souvenirs given such a bewildering array of handicrafts and goods.

Morocco’s popular attractions

Its romantic ancient capital Marrakech is both steeped with history and a dynamic, cosmopolitan city: Lose yourself in its museums, art galleries and ancient temples or dance the night away in its modern clubs and bars.

The beaches around Essouira on Morocco’s southwestern coast offer strong winds and surfer’s waves and have thus become a popular spot for water sports enthusiasts, while the medina of the ancient town of Essouira is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

Tangier was granted special status as an international zone in the 1920s and has remained Africa’s most cosmopolitan and eclectic city. Wander around its mazelike medina or follow in the footsteps of the many artists and writers who made Tangiers their home, including Matisse.

Chefchaouen, a pretty, blue-painted walled town high in the Rif mountains roughly 75 miles from Tangier has become a popular retreat for artists and is a great place for a relaxed souk shopping experience.

The ancient city of Meknes was founded in the 10th century by Berber tribespeople and became Morocco’s fourth Imperial City in the 1600s, the site of Sultan Moulay Ismail’s extravagant palace. Visit the grand gateway Bab Mansour, the vast Ambassador’s Hall and the Tomb of Moulay Ismail.

Just 19 miles or so north of Meknes is the former capital of Morocco’s Roman Empire, Volubilis – Morocco’s largest site of Roman ruins. You can tour the site independently or enlist a guide at the entrance.

Morocco’s natural wonders

Top of the list of Morocco’s natural wonders are the High Atlas Mountains and especially Todra Gorge, whose imposing canyon walls make it one of North Africa’s most remarkable rock formations. The canyon floor runs 25 miles into the Atlas Mountains. Todra Gorge is situated in a remote spot on the eastern edge of the High Atlas range, with road access all the way through the canyon – there are also numerous campsites and a hotel. The most spectacular stretch is the last half-mile, when the canyon narrows to as little as 30 feet.

For anyone hoping to spot some of Morocco’s wildlife, the High Atlas Valleys are packed with things to see, from Barbary monkeys and mountain sheep to eagles, lizards, falcons, and snakes. The local people who live in this isolated region are welcoming to trekkers and the opportunity to share in their culture is one that if offered, should not be missed.

Toubkal National Park is less than 50 miles north of Marrakech, but this vast natural wilderness couldn’t be more different to urban Moroccan life. Although Toubkal is generally warm and sunny all year round, its location high in the Atlas Mountains means that snow falls on its higher peaks in wintertime. Visit in early or late summer to be sure all trekking trails are cleared of ice and snow.

Average temperatures in Marrakesh vary from 12.5°C (54.5°F) in January to 29°C (84.2°F) in July; winters are mild and summers can soar well into the 90s. The wettest month is in February, with an average of 40mm of rain, while March boasts the highest amount of sunshine (12 hours daily on average). Of course, weather varies considerably should you venture into the mountains or the desert regions

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. Morocco can be visited at any time of the year, though high summer can be incredibly hot and winter is not advised for trekkers, who may find ice and snow blocking their path.

The principal airports in Morocco are Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca, Menara Airport in Marrakesh and Al-Massira in Agadir. A number of budget airlines fly discounted routes to the country and it’s possible to find cheap flights as well as last minute deals.

The Best Hotel Points Program

In a previous life I used to travel quite a bit from work, I would frequent a tiny little farm town in the middle of nowhere Iowa, the only nice hotel choice was a Holiday Inn. This proved to be the best part of my business travels as I racked up points and soon became platinum. Why? Let me show you:

Cashing in & flexibility

No other major brand on points goes further or gets you to a free night quicker. Reward nights start at 5,000 points, for some locations. It depends on the season, but I have found them to be consistently lower than other brands. The cool thing about this program you can choose to use all miles or a combination of cash and miles

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. We frequently use the combination option because it lets us spread the savings across more trips.

My absolute favorite reward night to use is at the Candlewood suites just off of Times Square on 38th between 9th and 8th. Last year we had a nice weekend in the city while using 5,000 points and paying $70 per night for a $300/night room. We love the city and we have cashed in here several times, as well as the Holiday Inn Heathrow Airport, Downtown San Jose Costa Rica, Madrid, and even Kenya!

Points bonuses

I usually hit the delete button on my iPhone as soon as I see most reward club emails, but the HI group email softer gave me points bonus that I could actually use, rare I know! If you travel often it is easy double up the miles you would normally earn.

Get the Card

Every company and their brother has a credit card to accompany their reward program, but few even come close to the bonus you receive here. Programs are constantly changing, but when I signed up I got enough points for about 4 nights in most places in the world. You usually get the best bonus points offers if you are already a member if the mileage/points club before applying.

For more tips on travel rewards programs checkout more tips on Airline miles rewards!

If you can’t find a hotel offering a reward stay worth the points always check out midrange hotels especially in Southeast Asia. For the price you pay in Southeast Asia you can get some 4 star hotels for 2 star prices.

Capture the Colour 2013

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My entries for this year’s capture the colour contest held by