Gourmet Food in Italy

gourmet food in italy

Italy has been long known not only for its beautiful architecture, rich history and romantic spots, but also for the vast range of gourmet food in Italy. The Italian culinary art and Italian chefs are recognized worldwide and every restaurant that gets its hands on one of them values them like no other. But to get the entire mouthwatering sensation of Italian cuisine you have to be in Italy…

Gourmet Food in Italy

Gourmet Pizza in Italy

gourmet pizza in italyPizza is (not officially) Italy’s signature dish. It is a thin spread of oven-baked dough covered with various sauces, herbs, vegetables (or fruit) and meats. It was invented in Naples, so it is no wonder that Italians make the best pizzas in the world. You have the basic Pizza Margarita which in many countries is used as the beginning stage of every pizza recipe, but in Italy it is a masterpiece all on its own. Then there is Pizza Marinara which is a simple recipe but Italians have a way to make it unbelievably good. A treat to the tongue and the eyes is the Pizza Quattro Stagioni which is like four different pizzas in one. Another classic is the Pizza Quattro Formaggi which contains four different cheese types which makes it a real roller coaster for the senses. There are of course many other recipes but you can’t go to Italy and not try at least one of these established leaders.

The best case scenario is that you find yourself in Naples so you can experience the whole pizza sensation. Try Pizzeria Da Michelle (where the “Eat Pray Love” movie was shot), Di Matteo (on Via dei Tribunali 94) where you will get to pass right by the pizza ovens, or  La Notizia which is a little off the beaten track but it is definitely worth it.

If you are in Rome then definitely do not miss Sforno which is thought by many to be the best pizza place in Rome, or Antico Forno Roscioli where three generations of pizza specialists have made people fall in love.

If you are in Venice go to the small piazza of Campo Santa Margarita  get yourself a cold beer and stand in line for the best pizza around – don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long.

Gourmet Pasta in Italy

gourmet pasta in italyPasta is something that Italians have made an art of. It comes in so many shapes and sizes and there are so many recipes that you can literally never try them all. There are 7 main types of pasta and each of them have numerous subtypes falling into their category. The first type is long noodles and they are the ones we know best – spaghetti, pellizzoni, vermicelli, bucatini, capellini, fusilli, zitoni and many others. Ribbon-cut noodles are the second type and include bavettine, fetuccine, lasagne, linguettine, scialatelli, tagliatelle and more. Then we have short-cut extruded pasta like cannelloni, ditalini, manicotti, penne, rigatoni, tortiglioni and others. The fourth type of pasta is one that has been cut into decorative shapes like campanelle, cavatelli, conchiglioni, farfalle, gigli and sorprese. Then there is minute pasta where you can find alfabeto, corallini, fregula, strotini and many other small pasta shapes. There is also stuffed pasta which is essentially pasta cut into large pieces and then stuffed with something. There is cannelloni, fagottini, pelmeni, pierogi, tortellini, ravioli and many others. And there are also some types of pasta that are categorized by their irregular shape like gnocchi and passatelli.

As many pasta types as there are, there are even more recipes used by Italian chefs. If you happen to be in Rome and want to enjoy a classic plate of Spaghetti alla Carbonara then visit Da Danillo. It is a cozy restaurant (or trattoria) located on Via Petrarca 13 and serves some of the most delicious Carbonara in the entire city. If you want to try a juicy plate of Rigatoni alla Coda Vaccinara then Capo di Ferro is your place. It is right on Piazza San Cosimato and they also serve great Bucatini all’ Amatriciana

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When in Venice, don’t miss Trattoria San Basilio. It has a great homey atmosphere and a list of pastas that will have your senses celebrating for a long time. If you go to Milan then Osteria del Treno is the must-visit restaurant. The knowledgeable staff will make even the dishes you can’t pronounce easy to understand. And they are delicious! If you are in Naples, try L’Europeo Di Mattozzi where the choices are endless and every dish is incredible.

Italy is also known for great breads, seafood and wines. The fried starters offered by many restaurants are also not to miss. But if you want to experience all the gourmet opportunities inItaly, try to get a month or more off work…

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