Trauttmansdorff Gardens: The Path of a Princess

Trauttmandsdorff Gardens

The Empress Elisabeth of Bavariais known in history as Sissi. Her beauty is famous and her keen desire to walk in a picturesque environment was fulfilled when a stunning garden was constructed in Alto Adige, the perfect habitat for plants selected from all the corners of the world. During her life, she found this place, located at Trauttmansdorff Castle, worthy to be her relaxing abode. If her life was summed up by historians as unhappy, then her long walks in this garden made some moments pleasurable. Today, the Trauttmansdorff Gardens is still admired by many who love the arts, nature, and history.

A Glimpse of the Princess’ Garden

There are more than eighty different landscapes strategically distributed in the 12 hectares of Trauttmansdorff Gardens. Within this territory are four thematic areas namely the Sun Gardens, the Landscapes of South Tyrol, the Forests of the World, and the Water and Terraced Gardens.

Tulip Blooms in Spring Time

Those who have admired the beauty of tulip blooms will fall in love with the garden during springtime. You will see thousands of tulips parading their beauty under the sun.

April Blooms

April signals the arrival of the rhododendrons and the camellias, while the Japanese cherry blossoms compete with the rest of the beautiful flowers of the garden to give you a colorful array of beauty.

May Roses Spectacle

If you missed the highlights of the April month, then embrace the blooming roses and peonies during the month of May. Be observant on the manner how they unfold these buds producing a natural red-speckled garden in Italy.

Summer Glory

Enjoy the lavender scent emitted by the plants located below the castle while the rest of the Mediterranean shrubs give you inspiration. The barley fields has been transformed into a sea of shining flowers that will most definitely give you a relaxing experience enough to sweep away any of your worries. This is probably one of the months of the year when Sissi would enjoy visiting this garden. She had too many depressing moments in her life that the flowers in the garden must have been her only consolation.

The Water Lily Blooms

The unique blooms of water lilies in the month of July give you a great Asian experience.

It may take time before you visit Asia but with the landscape excellence invested in this garden, the beauty of the lily blooms will definitely give it the charm you and your family will enjoy

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The Sun Gardens

The arrival of harvest time brings a festive mood in the garden. The Sun Gardens is now prepared to boast of its beauty with its apples, grapes, and chestnuts ready to give its harvest for those who will find time to enter its enchanting premises. If this is not enough, it is worthy to visit the Forest of the World for a wonderful sight of the red brilliant maple trees and Indian inspired natural landscape for a spectacular deciduous American forest experience.

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  1. Gardens are some the best experiences to take in and enjoy on a relaxing day, as a change of pace while traveling. With over eighty landscapes over so many seasons there seems like there would always be something to see here..

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