Top 5 Places to Backpack in India

backpacking in indiaIndia is the seventh largest country in the world with over 1.2 billion people. India is one of the most favorite places for backpackers. India offers a wide variety of attractions to tourists who come here from across the globe. India has got everything to experience wildlife, hill stations, deserts, beaches, backwaters, heritage monuments.  A trip to India can bring in rich memoriesinto your mind while you are back at your home, that’s certain. Tourists can experience the great cultural diversity of India, different ethnic groups, taste the numerous variety of foods it could be a little fiery. There is simply no other word that captures the mystery that is in India. India offers several attractions and activities that are different and treasured. I have listed the top 5 places for backpacking in India.

Bekal beach is a natural wonder in Kerala. Gifted with crystal-clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea. , Bekal beach is known for its spectacular beauty and un-spoilt stylishness.Bekal Beach is located on the shoreline of Kasaragod, Kerala. You could also visit the Bekal Fort spread over 40 acres of land. This is a 300 year old Fort the largest and the best preserved forts in India.

#2 Bellur, Karnataka

If you are looking for a culture tour in India then this is a must see destination. Bellur is located in Hassan, Karnataka. Hassan was the capital of the powerful South Indian dynasty of the Hoysalas. Bellur is home to the inspiring Chennakesava Temple which is a fine specimen of Hoysala architecture. The other main attractions are you could visit the Hoysaleswara temple and Sravanabelagola famous for itsthe massive statue of Gometashvara.

#3 Manali,Himachal Pradesh

Manali is located on the Nothern end of the Kullu valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is a top spot among backpackers. It’s famous for its incredible landscape, rich vegetation and excellent backdrop; it feels like you have stepped into a fairy tale. If you are into adventure sports this is the place to be. You could go for skiing, snow-boarding in the snow capped mountains or river raft the winding rivers. You could also visit the temples and the Buddhist monasteries and last of all this is my favorite you can go and take a dip at the natural hot springs.

#4 Kutch, Gujarat

If you are a nature loverthis is the place to be. It is a bird watchers heaven. Kutch is located in Gujarat. The best time to come would be in December during The RannUtsav. Tourists can attend the local Folk dance held in the desert, camel safari, live in tents, enjoy the musical moments and also taste the excellent local food.  Kutch is also a shopper’s paradise famous for its wide variety of world renowned Kutch handicrafts.

#5 Puducherry

Puducherry also know as Pondicherry. It was a French colony up to 1954. You could still see a lot of French ambience and culture even today. This small Union Territory is very well known among foreign tourists. Puducherry is famous for its excellent food, quite beaches and calm resorts

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. It is also famous for its Ashram founded by Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo is a well know philosopher. The Ashram attracts a lot of people from across the globe and within the country to learn yoga and meditation.

Tishana Ince has been living as an expat in Kerala for the last 10 months.  Currently she is working for Feedbacq as a consultant, and helping expats settle down in India. Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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