Top 5 European Stag Weekend Destinations

If you’re responsible for organising an unforgettable stag weekend for your mate before he gets hitched, the pressure is on. Getting the adventure, relaxation and debauchery balance down pact can be a massive effort. If you’re planning a stag do, the first (and most important) decision is where. Your stag weekend destination has to offer the scenery, weather, and opportunities your stag needs and loves. If party planning isn’t your thing, we’ve made things easier for you by listing some of Europe’s best stag destinations and what you’d go to them for.

Here are the top 5 European stag weekend destinations, in no particular order.

Magalluf, Mallorca

Photo by: Rafael Ortega Díaz – Wikipedia Creative Commons

Magaluf is a party paradise. This island attracts droves of young partying travelers with its pristine beaches, warm weather, water sports and 24/7 clubbing scene. There’s not much else to Magaluf except for getting messy for as long as you can stomach it, and nursing your inevitable hangover with some hair of the dog on the beach. If your stag lives for the summer and never says no to a big night out, head to Magaluf.

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Amsterdam is well known for its rich culture, its special coffee shops (where you can get buzzed on more than just caffeine) and thriving red light district. If you’re not feeling too rough in the mornings, take a stroll or bike ride around the city, and hit the cafes for some stimulation. If it’s your thing, go on a tour of the red light district in the evening and get involved if the mood strikes you.

Budapest, Hungary

Photo by: Dd-ang2s – wiki commons

If you and your mates are looking for a classy, but also hedonistic experience, head to Budapest. Check out the famous architecture by day, waste hours at their pinball museum, and dress your best for wine cellar and bar hopping by night. The language barrier can make organising things a bit of a chore, so you might want to recruit professional help when organising a stag do in Budapest.


If you’re more about bonding with your mates over snow sports and affordable shopping amongst beautiful landscapes, the tiny principality of Andorra is perfect for you. Andorra boasts some of the world’s best ski resorts, and as a tax-haven it also has some of the best duty-free shopping. Head to the slopes for a full day of shredding, wrap it up with drinks by the fire at night, and in the following day, improve your stag crew’s aesthetic with some retail therapy.

Berlin, Germany 

Photo by: Bleppo – Wiki Commons

If you’re all about the music – Berlin is where it’s at. There, some of the world’s best DJs perform in some of the world’s most notorious clubs

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. By day, mosey around the streets and alleys, checking out the awesome street art. Bring your beers to the abandoned air strip, Tempelhofer park. Rent bikes or go-karts and go nuts in the wide open space. By night, make sure your stag and crew look suave (and sober) before you try your luck gaining entry into the infamous Berghain for a bender you’ll never forget.

If the honour of organising your mate’s stag has been bestowed upon you, go hard or go home. Organise a stag weekend in Europe and blow your stag’s mind before he settles in for the long haul.

Posted on: August 27, 2015, by : Carrie

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