Surfing in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Surfing in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Everyone knows that the place for a dream vacation to take place is in Costa Rica. It is a place that is filled with resorts and some truly amazing beach views. However, there is one area that you should visit if you want an exciting beach trip that you will never forget. For this, you should simply the southeastern coast of Costa Rica and go until you reach Puerto Viejo. It is located in the Talamanca in Limon Province and it is an area that is quickly gaining in popularity for tourists from all over who are interested in surfing. Would you like to go surfing in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica?

Why Surf In Puerto Viejo?

When you think of popular surfing areas, you probably think California or Hawaii. Not everyone knows about this rare surf spot, which is located on the Southern Caribbean coast. However, if you love surfing, or want to learn how to surf the big waves, you cannot imagine a better spot to do it.

It is less crowded than the other, more popular surf spots, but it still has some very good qualities that make it ideal for surfers. That is why it is rapidly gaining popularity. Puerto Viejo has the most powerful waves in all of Costa Rica. It is a thick barrel wave that is normally only found in Hawaii. Perhaps this is why it was home to the 2014 Olympus National Surfing Circuit Competition.

There are waves for all levels of surfers. A beginner can catch a wave just as easily as the professional wave rider. If you are a new surfer, there are lifeguards on some of the best wave spots as well as teachers who can guide you through the learning process.

Why is Puerto Viejo the Place to Be? 

To understand this, you must have a basic idea of how waves are created and what makes them excellent surfing waves to ride on. Most of the time, reefs, river mouths, warm water, beach breaks, and other things are all necessary to create the ideal surfer’s wave. Costa Rica as a whole, has all of these features. You will see better waves here during the months from November through May.

In Puerto Viejo, the waves build out in the deepest waters and then it pours over a shallow reef that lines the coast. This is what creates the barrel wave that many very experienced surfers dream of catching.

Things to Keep In Mind

If you are new to surfing, make sure that you get lessons on when a wave is potentially more than you should tackle. Asking local surfers about the riptides and extreme currents that can come along with larger waves is vital to success

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. You also need to understand where the reefs are located so that you do not get injured on one.

Surfing in Puerto Viejo is a great experience. It offers more fun in the sun than most other places ever could imagine. The key to successfully catching a big wave and riding it out when you go surfing in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica is to keep safety in mind when you visit. It could make the difference between extreme fun and extreme pain.

Posted on: March 18, 2015, by : Carrie

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