Top 6 New Zealand Outdoor Adventures

New Zealand Outdoor Activities

When winter woes plague those living in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to take a trip down south. New Zealand is one of the southern most countries in the developed world, and it is a perfect playground for outdoor activities of all types. The country’s unique topography offers visitors a variety of sites to explore ranging from snow-capped mountains to rainforests and nearly everything in between. Here are six New Zealand outdoor adventures.

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Auckland’s Far North is known for warmer climates throughout the year which is perfect for hiking and camping. Local camping and hiking outfitters can help with equipment rental for those who are travelling light. Remote wilderness areas and secluded beaches are popular areas to camp in New Zealand. The area is open year round and many relaxing days may be spent exploring the bays and shorelines.

Fly Fishing on the Motueka River

Fly fishing new zealandAbundant in rivers and streams, New Zealand is famous for its fly fishing. Anglers of all experience levels may enjoy guided fishing tours given by Stonefly Fishing Lodge in Nelson, New Zealand. The tour guides know the best fishing spots in the area for snagging wild brown trout, and they are experienced fly-fishing instructors. Stonefly Fishing Lodge offers visitors fly-fishing package deals that range from day trips to multi-day fishing vacations. Stonefly fishing trip packages include meals, fishing tackle, boots, and luxury accommodations depending on the package chosen, but it’s definitely not a New Zealand outdoor adventure that you want to miss.

See and Swim With The Dolphins

Dolphins are known for their friendliness and playful behaviour. Those who can find their natural playgrounds are in for a treat of a lifetime. The folks at Dolphin Encounter have done just that. They operate boating tours in and around Kaikoura to carry visitors out to view and even swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. Dolphin Encounter operates year round and hundreds of dolphins are seen daily frolicking just off the shore.

Scuba Dive Oceans and Lakes

New Zealand offers scuba divers world class dive locations. The country uniquely offers a variety of salt water and freshwater dive spots near each other. For example divers may take excursion off the coastline or dive one of the many lakes and springs. Visibility is usually fantastic at all locations, and divers may expect marine environments teeming with varied aquatic life. Hundreds of dive shops are available to help certified divers rent equipment and take tours. New Zealanders scuba dive year round, and water temperature may vary depending upon dive site and season. Divers who transport and use their own equipment may to still have to rent dry suits or thicker wet suits depending on their chosen dive adventure.

Visit Thermal Spa on Lake Rotorua

Thermal Spa on Lake RotoruaNew Zealand ourdoor adventures aren’t hard to come by. A relaxing trip to New Zealand’s Polynesian Spa should be on everyone’s agenda. The spa is consistently rated as one of the world’s top ten spa getaways and for great reasons. Natural hot springs feed the spa and visitors may soak in the mineral rich waters while taking in the magnificent vistas of Lake Rotorua. The Polynesian Spa has all the amenities of a première spa, and it is situated in a location which has a rich history

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Visit Rainforests and Volcanoes

New Zealand Outdoor AdventuresNew Zealand offers many activities for outdoor adventure seekers. Local hiking guides regularly take groups on treks through beautiful wilderness areas that lead to more exotic destinations such as volcanic Mt Taranaki. The journey to reach these destinations often include kayaking lakes and rivers and hiking through rainforests. These tours are a great way to see the gorgeous New Zealand landscape while maintaining one’s physical fitness.

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