Must Visit Cities in Croatia

Must Visit Cities in Croatia

Croatia has an average 11.8 million visitors each year, with some years, having as many as 14 million and they hope to bring in more tourists as the years progress. This is due to the fact that tourism is Croatia’s main industries. However, what most people do not realize before they visit is that Croatia has a lot of things to enjoy for tourists. There are different cities, there are national parks, various landscapes and more. When you are considering a trip to the area, perhaps you should consider visiting what most consider “Must visit cities in Croatia.”

Must Visit Cities in Croatia

Night Time Fun

For anyone who is looking to get out and have a great time during the evening hours, you will most likely want to visit the capital city of Zagreb, especially during the winter months when staying indoors is preferable

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. During the summer months, the Pag Islands are a very popular party spot for tourists. These places have an outstanding amount of hotspots for people to wind down in and drinks are reasonably priced.

Live the High Life

Dubrovnik is where you should go if you enjoy the more beautiful things in life. It is filled with five star restaurants and hotels along the main streets. However, venturing off the well-worn paths where tourists usually enjoy dwelling can bring about other natural and man-made beautiful things that you will not soon forget. Hvar Town is also like this and it is where people go just to be seen.

Must Visit Cities in Croatia

Romance on Largest City Island

Krk Island is the largest Croatian island. It is located in Kvarner Bay. There are bars all around and of course beaches that can take your breath away. It is also perhaps the most romantic island in this area. All along the coast there are coves for people to venture into when they want a private setting that is not filled with other people.

Best National Park Viewing Area 

In Central Croatia, you will find the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It was founded in 1949 and though not a city, it is definitely one of the most beautiful places you will find in Croatia if you like waterfalls. It is located along the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has several rivers that feed 16 lakes. All of them connect and flow in the same ways. All of them are separated by natural dams. The lakes are a popular attraction because they vary in colors that appear azure with a greenish color, and even gray and blue. It depends on the minerals that are in them, the way the sun hits them, and other factors.

Must Visit Cities in Croatia

NO matter where you choose to go in Croatia, you will find sights around every corner that will amaze and inspire you. It does not matter whether it is the clear blue waters or the unique landscapes, the old buildings or the new resort hotels, there is something for everyone in the many cities that create this sovereign state between Central Europe, SE Europe, and the Mediterranean Sea. Are you ready to visit one of the must visit cities in Croatia?

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  1. Croatia is a beautiful country (and I’m not just saying that because I’m part Croatian)! Most people go to the Dubrovnik area, which is very nice of course, but my favorite place ever in Croatia remains Zadar!

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