Britain for Free

britain for free

Britain for Free

Whether you’re travelling with family or going solo, there are always things to do in Britain for free. So stretch out your travel budget by mixing some of these activities into your vacation schedule.

Britain for Free – Museums

Britain Museum for FreeIn London, one can spend two days visiting the British Museum alone. With its famously large collection of antiquities you can see artifacts from just about every ancient culture. Explore the fascinating history of ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. But don’t stop there. While still in London, visit the Natural History Museum for a look at some of the best fossil finds and then view famous works of art with a trip to the Tate Museum and the National Gallery.

There are free museums all over Britain. Train lovers will get a kick out of the National Rail Museum in York. The Imperial War Museums in Manchester and London give a look at a fascinating era of British history. Most major cities will have museums of their own history, which may extend all the way back to prehistoric and roman times.

Britain for Free – Architecture

britain architecture for freeHistory is everywhere in Britain. On a walk, you may come across historical churches and taverns that are still in use today. Hotels and accommodation in Birmingham offer a good starting point for exploring. While you’re there you can see examples of architecture surviving from every period of British history since medieval times. The remarkable St. Martin in the Bull Ring is a spectacular example from the medieval period. Black and white timber buildings from the Tudor period survive as taverns. Georgian buildings are everywhere as churches and civic buildings.

If you are travelling to multiple British destinations, take some time at each stop to get out and explore architecture from the street. Most churches and civic buildings will also let you enter and view the interior.

Britain for Free – Prehistoric Britain

Walk among ancient archeological finds and experience the mystery of prehistoric Britain. In Wiltshire, the Avebury stone circle is similar to the Stonehenge structure but without the costly fees. Head to Dorchester to view the enormous image of a Neolithic man carved into the side of a hill. There are many Bronze and Iron Age archeological sites throughout Britain. The National Trust keeps a listing available on their website.

Britain for Free – Public Gardens

Reputed to be a nation of gardeners, Britain has some of the most beautiful parks and gardens in the world

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. Every city has green spaces to explore and many are filled with beautifully landscaped gardens. The London area alone has thousands of acres of green space filled with beautiful specimens of trees and flowers from all over the world. Take a break from the urban bustle to appreciate some of Britain’s natural beauty.

britain for free

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